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Explorers Club Takes Off

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The Explorers head for the hills

The Explorers head for the hills

Explorer’s Expedition 816 17er 20ELEVEN:

Tuesday August 16th 8 a.m Buckley Park.
8 to 8:48 a.m. we will assess each Explorer’s bicycle and gear for the tour.

Overall peace of mind for packing
Efficiently LIGHT

Explorer checklist:
Camp Gear

packable late summer sleeping bag and compression sack (It has been in the high 30’s where we will camp)
light sleeping pad
Light backpacking tent if you have.  (we will group together and split up tents according on campers Tuesday a.m.)
Camp cup big enough for a meal, preferably stainless.
2 24 oz water bottles full of water and or a camelbak
Light pants and long sleeve (think less cotton, more light WOOL) for camp
Rain coat (hoods are sweet)
warm socks
warm undies
LIGHT camp shoe (if you have clip ins and don’t want to wear them after riding all day)
head lamp
small pocket knife
light beanie
sun tan lotion
ten squares of TP in a plastic zip lock

Bicycle Gear

As many water bottles your bicycle can take.
Rear pannier rack (if you have not dialed this in yet check with mom and dads garage or visit your local bicycle shop for racks and ask politely to have them mounted before Tuesday. note bicycle lemonade is out)  New racks range from 20 to 119 dollars.
2 Panniers for rear rack- borrow, buy,or hope we can scrounge some up for loan and dial you in Tuesday morning (TRY TO BORROW).   I am….
spare tube, patch kit, pump, multi-tool.
Tune your bicycles up for a tour.  If you have any questions on your ability on how to tune, ask a parent for tips, or take it to a local shop and ask a human.  Explain to them  ” I’m riding my bicycle into the mountains for a 2 days and an over night er, could you please check it over and tell me what is needed to do this safely? Thank you for your knowledge.”
Light bungees for strapping it all up, 2 to 3 needed max

Food Prep

Eat a nutritious filling breakfast Tuesday am before meeting at Buckley.
Bring a lunch and snacks for the day
Russ and I will purchase dinner and breakfast, you can pay us back Tuesday morning. bring cash money

Mental Prep

This is what we have been training for, be mentally ready to ride your bicycles for 2 days, camp, and survive just off the just bicycle.

Return 1:07 pm august 17th 2011 Buckley Park
totally explored

coach jon
and my

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Durango Urgent Care/Devo SHort Track #11 Results

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August 10th 2011 at the Factory Trails of Fort Lewis College

B Men; 1. Zach Kurka, 2. Matt Phillips, 3. John Trousdale, 4. Sven Brunso, 5. Tino Blackmore, 6. Andrew Cunningham, 7. Derek Blackmore

B Women; 1. Annie Cheeney, 2. Shaila Blackmore

B Holeshot; Shaila and Derek Blackmore

A Men; 1. Erich McAlister, 2. Howard Grotts, 3. Chris Blevins, 4. Chad Cheeney, 5. Joe Burtoni, 6. Greg Parham, 7. Zach Kurka

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Jill Belhen, 3. Kaila Hart

A Holeshot; Chris Blevins and Kaila Hart

Past Results

Congrats to our Devo friends heading to MTB World in Switzerland in September!

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Late Summer Devo Fun

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DUC/Devo SHort Track #9 Photos

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photos by Connor Yates

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Durango Urgent Care/Devo Short Track #10

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August 3rd at Durango Mountain Resort

Open Men and Women; 1. Howard Grotts, 2. Erich McAlister, 3. Jill Behlen, 4. Tyler of DMR

Super D; 1. Howards Grotts 1:10:94, 2. Erich McAlister 1:20:94, 3. Jill Behlen 1:22:10, 4. Annie Cheeney 1:26:69

Lap Time Challenge; Howard-2:46 first lap, 2:47, 2:48, 2:50, 2:49, 2:48, 2:46, 2:48 last lap. Erich-2:48 first lap, 2:56, 3:03, 3:04, 2:56, 3:03, 3:03, 3:04 last lap. Jill- 3:17 first lap, 3:17, 3:36, 3:31, 3:34, 3:33, 3:34 last lap, Tyler- 4:26 first lap, 4:34, 6:08, 6:35 last lap

Past Results

Next Short Track Race is at the Factory Trails of FLC

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Devo Coach Ryder Okumura Heads to Trials Worlds

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Junior Devo Summer Camp Coach Ryder Okumura qualified for the US National Mountain Bike Team in Sequatchie, Tennessee this year.  The event was a couple weeks back, but he finally got a good picture or two. He was edged out last year and selected as an alternate, but this year placed 2nd and earned a spot on the team.  Ryder was beaten by Aran Cook, who won the IHBC trials and last years Trials from the Crypt.  The UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships will be held in Champery, Switzerland in early September.  Trials master Okumura be working with Durango Devo in August coaching mountain bike summer camps at DMR. Wish him luck!DSC_0365DSC_0371DSC_0366

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Thanks for Playing in Durango El Grupo!

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The El Grupo cycling group was in town last week for their second season of Dave Hagens Amazing Mountain Bike Adventure Camp. While in town the group got to ride and hang with the cycling locals that help make Durango the cycling mecca that it is. They are another great example of community cycling programs that put the teamwork aspect into all things biking. Great work leading such a great group of kids!

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Durango Urgent Care/Devo Short Track Series #9 Results

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July 27th at the Factory Trails of FLC

Thanks for having a good time El Gruppo!

B Men: 1. Donovan Capoto, 2. Logan Boyd, 3. Zack Kurka, 4. Sven Brunso, 5. Marcos Espanza, 6. Derek Blackmore, 7. Ben Duncan, 8. Keenan Duncan, 9. Nathen Franklin, 10. Daniel Yakushevich, 11. Lucas Murray, 12. Mose Goddes, 13. David Anaya, 14. Ivan Sippy, 15. Connor Adkisson, 16. Tyler Stites

B Women: 1.Annie Cheeney, 2. Lauren Frisk, 3. Shayla Blackmore, 4. Camryn Sippy, 5. Lyzzie Caputo, 6. Emily Franklin, 7. Sabina Quiroz

B Holeshot: Derek Blackmore and Annie Cheeney

A Men: 1. Miguel Ramos, 2. Chris Blevins, 3. Dylan Stucki, 4. Miles Venzara, 5. Erich McAlister, 6. Chad Cheeney, 7. James Rowan, 8. Levi Kurlander, 9. Richard Hurst, 10. Joe Burtoni, 11. Zack Kurka, 12. Dave Hagen, 13. Wyatt Frier, 13. Mike Geddes, 14. Mike Midlarsky, 14. Logan Boyd, 15. Donovan Caputo

A Women: 1. Jill Behlen, 2. Kaylee Blevins

A Holeshot: Kaylee Blevins and Levi Kurlander

Past Results

Next Short Track Race is at Durango Mountain Resort

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