2012 FLC Squawker MTB Classic is This Weekend

2012 FLC Squawker MTB Classic is This Weekend

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Howdy ho FLC Cycling fans! That’s right, it’s that time of year again… time for FLC Cycling’s Squawker Mountain Bike Classic.  The fun begins on Saturday September 1st with the classic Short Track on the point behind the Bader Dorms from 8am-11am. You endurance hounds will be able to test your mettle on Durango’s finest and fastest short track course up on the FLC campus, with a challenging mix of ripping single track and dirt roads.

Then comes the Dual Slalom atChapman Hill from 1pm to 5pm on a course loaded with action packed features – berms at the top, a rhythm section and flat turns at the bottom. We’ve been working on it all Fall so it is in great shape. This is the event for spectators!

Sunday September 2nd also brings a Cross Country race that uses the trails that surround campus. Racing starts at 8am behind the Bader dorms, down the Front Hill trail, up the Rim trail around to Chapman, down to the Lion’s Den, back up to the Rim Trail to the corner of the golf course, crossing Rim Dr., along the fence line, crossing Ft. Lewis Dr. onto the Rim Trail back over to the start. Racing will conclude at 1pm. Forthose accessing those trails from campus that day for hiking/biking be aware that there will be a race going on.

**** 8th Ave. (Front Hill) will be closed from 7am-1pm on Sunday, Sept. 2.

A special thanks goes out to Bread, Zia Taqueria and Durango Coca-Cola for providing food and drink for our volunteers.

FLC Cycling races in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling conference and teams from the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, Mesa Colorado, to namejust a few, will be descending on Durango for some mountain biking. The Durango and Fort Lewis College communities are welcome to come cheer on your Skyhawks! For more info on the schedule of events please check out: http://cycling.fortlewis.edu and for specific questions contact Dave Hagen at hagen_d@fortlewis.edu.

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Jr Devo Summer Camps Rocked!

  |   Junior DEVO, Photos

Check out all the action from Devo’s 4 weeklong summer camps in August. Thanks to Bread Bakery for the drop-off pick-up action and Durango Mountain Resort and WIlderness Trails Ranch for the Venues. Very successful and cant wait for next year!

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Devo U19ers Howard Lake Shootout

  |   Photos, U19 DEVO Boys and Girls
On the last week of practice, the Devo U19 Mens team headed up to Devo Alumni and U23 Specialized Team racer, Howard Grotts’s house for its annual fun ride/race day. Every year the team takes the 30 min drive past Lemon and rides Howards’ notorious high mountain training routes. The team competes in a short TT, a super d and a trials comp. This year the team was treated to a new trail on Howards property called the Bandit Trail. Fun stuff, Thanks Howard and good luck at Worlds!

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Devo U19ers Love the Bike Polo

  |   Photos, U19 DEVO Boys and Girls
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FLC/Irish Embassy Pro Challenge Roller Race Results

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Hey everyone!
Thanks so much to those who came out and raced or supported the roller races last night at the Embassy. It was a great success and a ton of fun for everyone involved!
Here are the results for the men and women’s competitions (Distance is number of kilometers in ten min). Again, congratulations to Ian Burnett and Carmen Small for the big wins of the night!


Place, Name, Distance
1, Small, 10.70
2, Caitlin, 9.26
3, Iverson, 9.03
4, Sturm, 8.95
5, Marshall, 8.89
6, Taylor, 8.71
7, Kane, 8.25
8, Richards, 7.33


Place, Name, Distance
1, Burnett, 13.84
2, Carroll, 11.72
3, Easter (C), 11.64
4, Canale, 11.28
5, Stucki, 11.18
5, Easter (G), 11.18,
7, Burtoni, 11.05
8, James, 10.98
9, Cheeney, 10.87
10, Stalker, 10.75
11, Fortune, 10.30
12, Thompson, 9.89
13, Sonora, 9.08
14, Young, 8.45
15, Alexander, 7.87

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Devo Coach Brendan Shafer Takes on the High School League

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Brendan Shafer will be the head coach of the AHS and DHS mountain bike team this Fall. Practices start Monday Aug 27th from 4:15-6:15 meeting at the rec center. Practices will be much like our u14/u19 practices. Both AHS and DHS students will practice together, but they will ride for their schools! (we need 5 from each school to pull that off).

The team will travel with Sarah Tescher in the Devo van to 2 team races Sept 9th in Nathrop and Oct 21st for State Championships (location TBA).

You do NOT have to race to practice with this team. If you think you will be traveling to a race or two, you will need to register with the Colorado League. Here is the link: www.coloradomtb.org. I need to invite you so you’ll have to wait for that email. The registration in the Colorado League is called “PitZone.”

In Nathrop, we will be camping and more info will follow, but I will need a head count of athletes and parents to reserve the camp spot by next Wednesday.

Have an awesome practice and can’t wait for another sweet Fall session!

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Sweet Elite Trading Cards Finally Unleashed in Durango

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The 2011/12 RMCF/Devo Sweet Elite trading cards will be for sale at Mountain Bike Specialists starting this thursday. Only 45 complete team sets left, 175 random packs of 8 and plenty of individual cards. Come meet the Sweet Elite team along with numerous fast Pro Challenge riders this sunday from 4:15 to 5:15. Autographs!

The 2011/12 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory/Devo Sweet Elite trading cards will be for sale at Mountain Bike Specialists starting this thursday. Only 45 complete team sets left, 175 random packs of 8 and plenty of individual cards. Come meet the Sweet Elite team along with numerous fast Pro Challenge riders this sunday from 4:15 to 5:15. Autographs! Cards were designed by former Durango Bike Polo team member, Chris Adams of Scottsdale, AZ.

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More Telluride Photos

  |   Photos

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Devo Rides Telluride State Champs

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For the second consecutive year the Colorado State Championships of mountain biking were held in Durango’s neighboring mountain town, Telluride. Last season Devo swept up over 10 total state titles, U14/19 athletes and coaches took wins in cross country, short track, super d and downhill. This year wins were not as easy to come by, but there was something more to take from the weekend than wins alone. Yet its not really something you can put your finger on.
The weekend started with a rush as friday morning team pre-rides were quickly assembled to beat the storms lurking over the valley. The U19 mens team and RMCF/Sweet Elite’s headed out for the 12 mile lap from Mountain Village along side The U14 girls and one 8 year old smiling Jr Devo cyclist. The locals said the storm wouldn’t hit until 4pm. At 2pm, the majority of the cyclists in the base area, including the second wave of Devo course pre-riders, stood undercover and talked over the course maps and discussed most everything, all the while waiting out the large amounts of water falling from the sky. It was dumping. Thirty minutes passed and everything soaked in come the Devos after the 12 mile loop, finishing the last 4 in the rain, with smiles as big as the rainbows we were about to see two hours from then.
Later that night it was family dinner and pre race rest time around the Telluride Town Park which from an aerial view might have looked like a bunch of ants running all over the place with excitement. The Devo Coaches site was centrally located and provided the tent and meeting place for the post dinner, ever famous Schwag Fest. An event where Durango locals donated cycling gear, parts and oddities are tossed to those who call out the loudest. The random treasures always seem to go to those who could use, and many trades are made after the dust settles. The team atmosphere reaches its peak at this time around the Devo Team Race campouts. Nerves are settled, tummies are full and the day of riding and smiling makes for quick work getting to sleep.
The fields were not that big at this years race, it seems with so many races to choose from in a season, a cyclist can only travel so much. It could be a dismal scene to some, but the junior athletes that showed up in Telluride were there to have fun and could not care less. The entire Devo squad ages 9-19, rode out of Town Park, caught the gondola to Mountain Village and split off in category groups to warm up for the 8am start. This is where the nerves are most present and in most need of being calmed. Coaches are there for them.
The racers race off the line in their start waves. All leaving in 2 minute intervals, most all doing one lap of the 12 mile course. The older juniors with the most experience leave first, with the youngest and least experienced to bring up the back of the field. Coaches walk in and out of the young athletes, grabbing jackets and arm warmers, giving final advice and high fives. The athletes roll out to course and take on the challenge that they have signed up for, the test that they choose to do.
Many of the Devo riders had great finishes. sprinting to the line as hard as possible, even 10 yards past the finish, sprinting only themselves. Smiling across the line, pushing the bars out for a last second effort, wheelies before and after, it was all so positive. Coaches, parents, teammates and competitors packed the finish shoot, telling race stories, comparing notes, taking photos and plenty of post race high fives. Devo had 3 State Championship titles during the cross country in Telluride, but by looking at the riders, you wouldn’t of known whom had won, they all seemed to have that same silly, painful yet satisfied look on their faces.
What went on out there on that race course that day, coaches, parents and spectators may never know or if known, will most likely be forgotten. But to those riders, these are the tests that make memories that are hard to forget, good or bad. With the Devo athletes having so much fun all weekend in Telluride, it seems hard to loose.

Note: The super d and downhill state championship racers were also held that weekend along with the pro cross country that followed the junior races. Devo had athletes and coaches participated in those as well. Devo U19er Mikala Smith unfortunately broke her collarbone during the pre-ride and in good spirits, had to abandon her attempt at her first race ever! U14er Lucas Robbins came to support his team with a broken wrist. Devo had 1 Jr Devo, 7 U14 boys and girls, 10 U19ers, 3 RMCF Sweet Elite Pro Team members and 8 Devo coaches in attendance. And 30 amazing family members!

State Champions-Kaylee Blevins Cat 1 15-18 XC, Robin Austin Cat 2 15-18 XC, Alumni Howard Grotts Pro Men, Alumni Grady James Cat 1 19-29.
Cross Country; Stephan Davoust 2nd, Levi Kurlander 3rd, Sepp Kuss DNF (flatted in the lead) Cat 1 15-18, India Waller 2nd Cat 1 15-18, Bryce Gordon 2nd, Will Berger 5th and Keenan Desplanques 6th in Cat 2 15-18, Galen Blair 3rd Cat 2 19-29, Keiren Eagan 4th and Ivan Sippy 8th Under 14, Camryn Sippy 3rd, Kayja Freeburn 4th, Marit May 5th, Carter Reiter 6th and Maddie Joe Robbins 7th in Under 14 Girls, Howard Grotts 1st Payson McElveen 4th Pro Men, Sarah Sturm 5th Pro Women, Brianne Marshall 2nd Cat 1 30-39
Super D; Stephan Davoust 4th, Sepp kuss 9th and Levi Kurlander 14th in the Junior Super D, Coach Chad 3rd Pro Men and Sarah Tescher 1st on day 2, Pro Women.
Downhill; Shane Ellis 2nd Under 14, Coach Lucas Lemaire 10th and Max Lowenstein 17th in Cat 1 19-29

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