NICA Annual Awards Announced

NICA Annual Awards Announced

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NICA is pleased to announce the 2012 NICA Annual Award winners!

The NICA Awards were established in 2010 to honor student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and partners that have made outstanding contributions toward the development of high school cycling and the national high school mountain biking movement.

This year, NICA Awards will be given to 13 individuals in 10 different categories that were selected from a field of more than 222 nominees from NICA Leagues across the country.

Specialized Student-Athlete Leadership Award
The Student Athlete Leadership Award honors student-athletes who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, sportsmanship, academic performance and volunteerism in their team, school and community. The recipients are:
* Josie Nordrum, Redwood High School, NorCal High School Cycling League
* Zachary Tucker, Lyons High School, Colorado High School Cycling League

Trek Student-Athlete All Star Award
The All-Star Student Athlete Award recognizes student-athletes for their outstanding competitive achievements and potential for future success in competitive cycling. The recipients are:
* Kate Courtney, Branson High School, NorCal High School Cycling League
* Lucas Newcomb, Sir Francis Drake High School, NorCal High School Cycling League

Jeep Extraordinary Courage Award
The Extraordinary Courage Award recognizes student-athletes who have persevered through challenging circumstances and overcome adversity to develop and excel as a model student athlete. The recipients are:
* DeShaun Smith, C.K. MCClatchy High School, NorCal High School Cycling League
* Mark Doty, Oakley High School, Utah High School Cycling League

SRAM Coach of The Year Award
The Coach of the Year Award acknowledges a head coach whose qualities as a leader and motivator embodies NICA’s mission to provide student-athletes with the coaching and camaraderie to help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive goals in a safe and enjoyable manner. The recipients are:
* Whitney Pogue, Summit Academy High School, Utah High School Cycling League
* Ken Mozek, San Ramon Valley High School, NorCal High School Cycling League

Clif Bar and Company Volunteer Service Award
The Volunteer Service Award honors an exceptional volunteer whose dedication of time, expertise and enthusiasm goes above and beyond to make a difference in the organization. The recipients is:
* Nick Gualtieri, St. Francis High School, SoCal High School Cycling League

Quality Bike Products Community Impact Award
The Community Impact Award honors an individual whose dedication to high school mountain biking has resulted in positive impacts on youth, the community and the organization. This individual is an outstanding representative of the organization internally and externally. The recipient is:
* Ed Fischer, Camas Composite, Washington High School Cycling League

Primal Wear Race Production Partner Award
The Race Production Partner Award acknowledges an individual whose outstanding partnership role in race productions is key to the success of a leagues race event production. The recipient is:
* Martha Flynn, Minnesota High School Cycling League

Easton Foundations League Founder Award
The League Founders Award recognizes an individual’s commitment, enthusiasm, perseverance, and outstanding contributions in establishing a NICA High School Cycling League. The recipient is:
* Lori Harward, Utah High School Cycling League

NICA Legacy Award
The NICA Legacy Award honors an individual for their tremendous philanthropic support of NICA and NICA Leagues. The recipient is:
* Mike Sinyard, Specialized Bicycles

Come support the winners at the NICA Awards Benefit Ride and Banquet! Both events will be on January 12th, 2013 with the ride at Ft. Ord and the banquet at the Specialized world headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. Register today for either the ride and/or the banquet here.

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Coach Chad Cheeney’s Favoritest Pictures from 2012

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Last Devo Practice of 2012 Just Happened

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Coach Chad, Sierra, Emily and Lucas set the new Devo world record by being the latest date Devo practice in history.
December 18th, finishing practice at the Durango Recreation Center parking lot at 5:37pm. Witness was Christine Trout.

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Devo Push Bike Group Rules

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2012 Random Fat Bike Photos

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These bikes are amazing. Check out for more action.

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2012 Kids Race in Missoula

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Snowy Cyclocross Set for Tomorrow

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Cyclocross Training on Ice

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Get ready for a great Sunday Series Finals at FLC this sunday! Devo’s Sepp Kuss could take the overall series title with a solid race. Good luck! Series awards and fun at the Embassy 6pm this sunday.

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Big Brother Bis Sisters Needs Bigs

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Devo Coach Chad is a BBBS Big and needs to help find some Bigs for the kids below. Contact BBBS if interested!

Devo Coach Chad is a BBBS Big and needs to help find some Bigs for the kids below. Contact BBBS if interested!

1) John, age 13: Loves video games, animals, reading, and doing Karate. In his free time he likes to go swimming, play board games, ride bikes. He thinks the best Big for him would be one who was kind, caring, energetic, and could help with his homework. John lives with his mom and could really use a male role model in his life.

2) Chris, age 13: Loves fishing, swords, science, video games, and going on the trampoline. When he grows up he wants to be a scientist or an adventurer. He believes a Big is someone who helps you out, respects you, and cares about you. He lives with his mom and younger brother and would like someone to get out and do new things with.

3) Noland, age 7: Noland is super energetic and loves biking, playing outside, trains, and doing fun adventures like going to the pumpkin patch. He is quiet at first but when you get him talking he loves to chat and has such a vivid imagination! He lives with his mom and needs a positive male role model in his life.

4) Phil, age 12. His interests are drawing, going to the Rec Center to hang out, soccer, and the anime series Dragon BallZ. He just moved to Durango and needs some help adjusting to life in a new town. According to his mom, the ideal Big for Phil would be someone young and energetic who would show Phil they cared about him and built up his confidence.

5) Ron, age 10. Ron is a sports guy through and though. He likes football, basketball, and just hanging out and being outside. He is very interested to learn how to skateboard and snowboard. He also is developing a love for reading and would like his Big to help him with his homework sometimes, when they aren’t playing sports together!

6) Rachel, age 9. Rachel is an active and energetic young lady. She likes doing gymnastics, swimming, baking, and arts and crafts. She is hoping for a Big Sister who can run around and play with her on the playground, do art, and go out for ice cream together.

Aubrey Beals

Community-Based Program Manager

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado

72 Suttle St, Unit I (PO Box 2154), Durango, CO 81302

phone: (970) 247-3720

fax: (970) 385-8491


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Fort Lewis Cyclocross on Sunday

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Cross Hecklers,
Sure would be nice to have some enthusiastic cross race hecklers for the CX series finals at FLC on Sunday! Sounds like we might get some real weather as an extra bonus.

Bring your drums/bells/pots and pans.

When: Sunday
Where: FLC stadium for start/finish.
Times: Women and Men’s B’s at 10am, Men’s A and 35+ dudes at 11am.

Please spread the word to other known hecklers.

Don’t forget the awards party at the Irish Embassy Pub at 6pm on Sunday night.

Stan’s NoTubes 4CCX Series Finals Course Map

Sepp Kuss is the series leader going into the final race this sunday.

Sepp Kuss is the series leader going into the final race this sunday.

Aztec Race Report
The new venue for this weekend at Tiger Park in Aztec offered up some new terrain for everyone with some sandy run/ride ups, gravelly paths, sandy sections and some thick grass accentuated by the obligatory collegiate maze. Thanks to the City of Aztec, Pete Shirk and Cottonwood Cycles for hosting the event.

Day 1 began with the standard weather so far this year, dry and relatively mild. The Men’s B class was a pack race for the first few of the 4:40 laps with the usual suspects at the front with one newcomer, Adam Digby (FLC). Jacob Smith (FLC) soon separated himself and despite repeated attempts by Digby, took the win with Digby in second and Troy Hachmann (FLC Alum) having yet another solid ride for third.

The Open Women’s race also stayed tight for the first few laps until Sofia Gomez Villafane (FLC) created a gap over the chasers and went on to a comfortable win. Lauren Catlin (FLC) and Sarah Sturm (FLC) have their form coming on at the right time to take 2nd and 3rd. Series leader Brianne Marshall (Stan’s NoTubes) had an off day and finished 4th.

The Men’s 35+ race had the same group of instigators start off the race but the outcome was highlighted by a newcomer. Matt McGee (2Cross) was in town from Las Vegas and showed up to create a gap from the beginning and grew his lead throughout the race to take a convincing win over the Stan’s NoTubes tandem of Frank Mapel (2nd) and Michael Carroll (3rd). Jon Delacy (DWC) again showed he was the best of the rest by finishing 4th.

The Men’s A race was sure to be decided by the FLC racers vying for spots on the National Team that will represent FLC on Januray 13th in Madison, WI. Leave it up to Sepp Kuss (RMCF Sweet Elite) to derail those plans by keeping tabs on Skyler Trujillo (FLC) and Rotem Ishay (FLC/Jamis) for the majority of the race and then pulling away to take the win – Trujillo 2nd, Ishay 3rd. Mike Sampson (FLC) had his best result to date by riding to a solid 4th and Robbie Jones (FLC) kept up the consistent results coming with a 5th place effort.

Day 2 in Aztec conditions were markedly different with a brutally cold wind out of the west making it very cold out in the elements and a few snowflakes flying. The course was run in the reverse direction from the day before with a few additions to make it a longer lap.

The Men’s B race seemed a tight pack race from the beginning but the group didn’t realize that Peter Marshall (DWC) had exploded off the front to take the win in dominating fashion. Jacob Smith (FLC) road the majority of the race alone to take 2nd and Troy Hachmann (FLC Alum) overcame a first lap mechanical to take 3rd yet again.

In the Open Women race Brianne Marshall (Stan’s NoTubes) exacted her revenge on everyone by using her teams cannon to obliterating the field and even passing all but one B man despite starting 1 minute behind them. Sofia Gomez Villafane, Sarah Strum, Lauren Catlin and Brittany Clawson formed up the FLC Cycling chase train before spreading out in that order to finish 2,3,4,and 5.

The Men 35+ field was missing the guest instigator from the day before and the Frank Mapel (Stan’s NoTubes) Michael Carroll (Stan’s NoTubes) duo (they might as well be riding a tandem) created a small gap over Andre Michaud (DWC) and Jon Delacy (DWC). The DWC racers did their best to close down the gap but fell short with Mapel taking another win, Carroll in 2nd, Delacy 3rd and Michaud 4th.

The Men’s A race got off to a quick start with Sepp Kuss (RMCF Sweet Elite), Skyler Trujillo (FLC) and Mike Wilk (FLC Alum) trading off on the front of the race with Chad Cheeney (RMCF Sweet Elite) holding a gap on a group of FLC chasers. Trujillo and Wilk turned up the throttle to gap Kuss and then Wilk bobbled in the hopable barrier section to give Trujillo the winning margin. Kuss kept riding hard to hold onto 3rd and Cheeney held off the chasing Mike Sampson (FLC) and Robbie Jones (FLC) to take 4th.

The Stan’s NoTubes Series Finals are this Sunday, December 16th up at Fort Lewis College with Open Women/Men B at 10am and Men A/Men 35+ at 11am. The venue will be slightly different than in the past with the Start/Finish next to the Amphitheater/Clocktower on the south side of Whalen Gymnasium.

All please be sure to make it to the Series awards on Sunday night at 6pm at the Irish Embassy pub at 9th and Main Ave. Should be a great time with the CX community coming together to celebrate the season.
Series Points; Stan’s NoTubes 4CCX Overall

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Karl the Baby Bear Loves Bikes

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Baby Bear, Karl, checks out Devo Team Manager Chad's townie last month. Poor little bugger was disowned by his mother and soon after, was shipped off to rehab in Del Norte. Rumor has Karl doing good with a pack of other abandoned baby bears.

Baby Bear, Karl, checks out Devo Team Manager Chad's townie last month. Poor little bugger was disowned by his mother and soon after, was shipped off to rehab in Del Norte. Rumor has Karl doing good with a pack of other abandoned baby bears.

Photo by Annie Cheeney

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