What groups are good for beginners?

Devo Jr schedules are created so that there is a building block of skills for all types of rider. All Pre-school, Kinder, First grade, Weds All girls beg/inter, Tues 2nd-3rd gr, Thursday co-ed 2nd-5th gr groups. Each of these groups will split into two so that beginners can ride with each other to gain more skills feeling less intimidated.

Does my pre-schooler need to be off training wheels?

Most of our little guys who are new to two wheels with pedals or still have training wheels go into the Tuesday morning class. We recommend that you spend some time before Devo having kids get use to their new bike with pedals. It is ok if they still throw in some push bike strides but should know how to use the pedals 50 percent of the time. One idea parents have used in the past is to hire some of our middle school riders to spend some one on one time getting these little guys use to their pedals bikes. Wednesday pre-school is for the little guys who can ride w/pedals.

Does my child need a Mt. Bike?

For Push bike group, the kids need to be on push bikes. But, for pre-school and Kinder any type of bike will work: hand brake, coaster, bmx, mtn bike, etc. By Devo Jr 1st grade, we ask that the kids have hand brakes and mountain bike size tires. If you are in need of a bike, we have a loaner program.

Does registration fill up quickly?

Yes, registration does fill up quickly. There is a wait list on the registration page and we try very hard to get all kids placed in a group. Fall registration opens August 2nd at 7:00 pm.

Do I register online? And what is the cost?

Yes, you register from our website. Just push the registration button and it takes you straight to our registration software. The cost of Devo Jr. is $175 per session, with multi-sibling discounts. The cost of push bike is $60 per session.

How do you determine what size your child’s bike is?

Children’s bike sizes are determined by the diameter of the wheel. Sizes go from 12”-29”. While in the past Devo Jr was broken into groups based upon wheel size, it is now completely based upon grade level. All of our local bike shops are happy to help you determine what bike size your child should be riding. Second Ave Sports, Hassle Free Sports, and Durango Cyclery give discounts to Devo riders.(not parents) Our Devo bike Swap is a great place to buy a bike that fits your child.The Devo swap is April 30th 8:00 am-8:00 pm. Pretty please, DO NOT size your child up on a bigger bike that he/she will grow into….this is a recipe for a bad accident as big bikes are very hard for kids to handle and control.

What to bring to practice?

Push bike: Fitted helmet, Push Bike

Devo Jr: bike, Fitted helmet, healthy snacks, water, raincoat, spare tube. Bring extra layer for warmth.

What to wear?

Bike shoes or tennis shoes(no open toed shoes), bike gloves , sunscreen, sunglasses recommended.

Drop-off and pick-up?

Schedule and maps will be posted on the website the week prior to practice starting.

Please be on time.

Make sure you drop your child with a coach. This will help the coach know that the child is there and in a safe place. It has been known for parents to drop there child at the wrong location. This can be very confusing for the coach and the child will not be on that roster with emergency contact information.

Reminder: please make sure that your child’s helmet is adjusted properly, tires are pumped and breaks and gears work smoothly. This makes for a quicker exit out of the parking lot and more enjoyable ride for the kids. Coach are available for assistance at practice. At the first practice, Fort Lewis College team riders will join to help bike/Helmet fit.