Detailed Registration Instructions

Here are detailed instructions to help you with the registration process. Please note, registration for Durango Devo happens on a completely different website called Team Unify. They have software that makes it fairly easy to manage the registration process (waivers, payment, multiple events, etc…).

Follow these steps to register for Devo

1. Visit the Durango Devo Team Unify page here:

2. On the Durango Devo Team Unify page click the Registration! button.



Click Register Now


3. If you are a new user or don’t have your password select the option and enter the email you want to use (parents email).


4. Fill in all the required registration information and hit continue. If you have registered before it will be filled in for you.

5. Select the Add New Member button to add a person/registration group. NOTE: If you have registered before you will not need to add new members. They will be there ready to sign up for the Fall season. Neat!



6. Fill out all the information on the person you are registering then at the very bottom to chose their group use the Select link next to Register to this Group.


7. A new box will popup where you can select a group to sign up for.


8. VERY IMPORTANT. After you select the group, scroll down to the bottom of the box and push the button to Register the Member to the Selected Grop.


9. Continue to add more people with the Add New Member button. NOTE: If you want to sign up the same person for another group you will need to use a different name (e.g. Rob and Robert or Haggart and Haggart1)


10. Once you have signed up for all the groups you will need to read and check the box acknowledging you read the waivers.


11. Now you can checkout and pay.


12. Yippeeeeee. Now it’s time to ride.