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Are you a fan of Durango DEVO? Do you know that DEVO is a 501c3 non-profit organization? It is hard to believe that our programs have grown to exceed 900 kids per year! Read our story here and become a supporter of one of the best programs in the country! If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Wienk ( #NFTF…

Our First Devo Fans!!!!
Ultimate Fan
James K. and Toni Abbey
Davoust Family
Travis Brown
Greg and Molly Martin
The Burnett Family

Susan and Skip Tescher

Hugh and Nan Williamson

Devo Super Star
Collin Hydrocarbon Consulting
Red Mesa Energy Co.
Polysystem Inc.
Forrest Tool Company
In Balance Physical Therapy
John Chasse
Lacey Donley

John and Katherine Ballew

James K and Toni Abbey

Devo Star
Walt Axthem
Jeff Speicher
Darren McKinnis
Mumbling Marmot Tutoring
Nancy Agro and Jeff Craig
Andrew Ferguson
Mark and Jeanne Pastore
Peter Norton and Judy Hodges 2012 & 2013

Cindy Dunbar
Roland and Sharon Pedevilla
Paul and Jigger Staby
Jon DeLacey
Dick and Caye Geer
Nini’s Taqueria
Jeffery Frost
Karen Hughes
Steve Otter
Peter Norton and Judy Hodges (2015)