Krista Park Interview

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Krista Park is a professional mountain biker who lives on the road. She decides where to travel based on riding and racing. She has figured it out because Durango seems to be seeing more and more of her. This summer she rode with the U14 Devo girls and was on site for several short track races.
Q: Where were you born and where have you lived?
A: Born and raised in Los Alamos, NM, Attended Universities in Longview, TX, Edmond, OK and Albuquerque, NM, Worked for Motorola in Lawrenceville, GA (Atlanta), Prior to 2006 I’ve also lived in Waxahachie, TX and Santa Fe, NM., After 2006 the list is too long, let’s just say mostly towns in the Southwest including Santa Fe, NM, Durango, CO, San Dimas, CA and Tucson, AZ.

Q: How did you get involved with the mountain bike and when did you start racing?
A: I was introduced to mountain biking by fellow employees while working as a Senior Electrical Design Engineer at Motorola in Atlanta, GA. The once a week group rides led to racing and traveling, I began racing in 2003. Before I knew it my husband Todd and I were leaving work early on Fridays for long weekends of camping and pre-riding or racing.

Q: What are your 3 favorite races around the country and why?
A: #1 Windham, NY XC. I love the course, the people and all the hard work put into that course. #2 24hours of Old Pueblo in Tucson, AZ (team). It is a party and a race, I love drilling one fast lap then chilling out and the course is fun and fast. #3 Sol Vista, CO National Super-D I loved the course both this year and last.

Q: Who are your cycling heros, both past and present?
A: Sue Haywood

Q: Do you have any training secrets for our junior athletes?
A: Ride with people better than you. Recover harder than you train. Keep it fun.

Q: You do a good job with sponsorship, what is the key to maintaining good relationships with sponsors?
A: Align yourself with sponsors whose product you truly love, then work hard for what you receive; both on and off the bike.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a professional cyclist?
A: My lifestyle. Being a full-time RV’er, riding new trails all the time, doing clinics and meeting so many awesome new friends.

Krista railing a turn somewhere out east

Krista railing a turn somewhere out east