Wednesday’s Super Top Secret AOA/DEVO Short Track Series Finale Aims to Please

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Long title for sure. Wednesdays short track finale will take place at the Factory Trails up on the south end of the Fort Lewis College campus. Parking for the event will be in the Noble Hall building parking lot. Please do not park on the gravel road. The race series is sponsored by Animas Orthopedic Associates and is in its 3rd season of racing. Tomorrows finale will be put on by Devo coaches and 18 3-5th graders of the Jr DEVO ride group, 24/26inch Advanced. Some of them will be racing at 6pm so be sure to check them out smiling their way to the suffer zone.

Sign-ups begin at 5pm somewhere near the race track. The B’s will go first at 530pm and the kids race will follow at 6pm. The A race will finish things up at 630pm. A’s and B’s will race approximately 25 minutes and the kids race 10 minutes. The cost for the race is $5 and we will be paying the top 3 men and women of the A’s and the B men and women’s champ plus holeshot cash. Sounds like good times are to be had. See you there.