Mike's Latest Remodels

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tw_side_shot yak_sideshot1Local 1990’s bike restorer, Mike Wilk has cranked out a couple more gems. Check em. “The first is a 1994 Ted Wojcik Softrac FS. Built on an AMP-supplied platform, this was one of the first successful XC-race suspension designs. I rode the hell out of it at Phil’s World and loved it… and I hate full suspension bikes.  I wish more modern companies would adopt the less-is-more approach to suspension.  Of course it flexes like hell, but thats just inspires you to find a better line.

The second is a 1988 Yeti.  I built this as my race bike for the Keyesville Vintage MTB race in California last month. Completely period correct except for the pedals.  Everything was top of the line for that year, and it’s still 30lbs.  It was hell climbing but super fun on the corners and decents. One detail few people know about its no one designed the Yeti – it was just a copy of a BMX cruiser. It rides like one… great when you stand up / rail corners, awful when you sit down. This bike sucks for everything other than racing.” Mike Wilk